Description of the application. (rev. 03/14/2022)


  • User - Member, the owner of the device on which the Application is installed, who performs the search.
  • Participant - a registered subscriber of the system.
  • The object you are looking for is a phone number or a required specialist.
  • Contact - a phone number from the Participants' notebooks.
  • System - a set of hardware and software complex.
  • Application - a part of the System installed by the Participant to work with the system.


The system receives the number of the incoming subscriber, and refers to a single database and / or personal list, to separate the category of the caller.

Categories are divided into:

  • annoying ads
  • scammers

For each category, you can configure the following actions:

Enable/disable blocking. (Reject/Quiet Mode (DND), keep log entries, turn off notifications).

Each System User can create a personal list of blocking.

And also, send a complaint about the subscriber to the System (SPAM / Fraudster). If the number of complaints for a certain period is significant, the subscriber is assigned the appropriate status. Thus, annoying calls come to naught. You'll get real-time protection against scammers, spam calls, and automated calls.

Other users of the system will be displayed with “About Me” data.

The application will help in finding specialists, experts in various fields through your circle of acquaintances.

Application functionality:

  • Registration in the System
  • Automatic caller identification
  • Providing additional information about the subscriber
  • SPAM blocking and incoming call filter
  • Search by phone number
  • Search by profession
  • Call list search
  • Request History
  • Personal page with data on competencies
  • System settings
  • Filtering Behavior Settings

Description of functionality: Registration

To register, the user installs the Application.

When the Application is launched for the first time, the User grants the necessary permissions.

Enters a phone number and creates a password.

Feature description: Search by phone number

This search shows a social connection with the query.

Social connection - The level of building up to the desired subscriber.

Construction level - The distance to the desired subscriber. The maximum number of levels is six, while there can be an unlimited number of subscribers in a level.

The first level of communication is Contact from a notebook.

From the second to the fifth levels, the system builds social connections, which can include both familiar to you Contacts, and not familiar or Participants of the system.

Familiar Participant - an entry in the User's notebook, is always shown.

Member - the subscriber's profile is always shown.

Unfamiliar subscriber - no entry in the notebook. The data of such users is not shown.

Feature description: Search by profession

This functionality is designed to search through the choice of industry and profession. Social connection is built in the same way as in the search by phone number.

Description of functionality: Search by call list

This search is designed to check for a social connection and avoid a spam call. Social connections are built in the same way as in the search by phone number, except that the list of callers is loaded into the application for convenience.

Description of functionality: History of requests

All requests, phone numbers and professions fall into a separate block “Request History”, from which you can update the request.

Description of functionality: Personal page

A personal page is a place where a registered user enters information about himself at will, namely:

  • Full name
  • Phone number (On registration and cannot be changed)
  • Email
  • Country (Default based on phone number and language)
  • City
  • Column “A little about myself” (Free text editing)
  • Link to Instagram
  • Link to Facebook
  • Link to LinkedIn
  • Link to Twitter

Description of functionality: Output search result

The result of the search is a graphical representation of the tree of the user's social connections with the searched object.

A personal page or additional information on available objects is opened through the “Long click” operation on the search result screen.

Description of functionality: Settings

The settings section has the following meanings:
  • Clearing search history for the entire period
  • password change
  • Go to the web page of the project in the section “User agreement”
  • Go to the web page of the project in the section "Rules for the processing of personal data"
    • Feature description: Data processing

      To perform the functions included in the project, the application processes the following data:

      • Data transmitted by the user himself during registration and filling out the profile.
      • Notebook (only phone numbers).

      Restriction on the use of data.

      To preserve privacy, as well as to exclude the transfer of data to an indefinite circle of persons, we have introduced the following restrictions:

      Contact data is used solely to build a relationship tree, and is not transferred to other Participants or third parties.

      If as a result of the search, the source of the Contact is the User, the Contact is transferred to the user (Option A) otherwise (Option B)

      Option A:

      The contact is a Member, his profile in the system is shown.

      The Contact is not a Member The Contact Name is shown from the Account's address (locally matching the phone number to entries in the phone book).

      Option B:

      The contact is a Member, his profile in the system is shown.

      The contact is not a Member, the “?” sign is displayed, the phone number transmitted in the transfer protocol is replaced (there is no way to get a real number).

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