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A new look at search

The Six Handshake Theory is a sociological theory according to which any two people on Earth are separated by no more than five levels of common acquaintances (and, accordingly, six levels of connections). The formal mathematical formulation of the theory is that the diameter of the dating graph does not exceed 6.

Let's move from theory to practice!

We prove in practice that the theory of six handshakes can be reduced to direct acquaintances.

Search for a specialist

Situation: You have a task that requires certain qualifications. There are no familiar specialists.

How the problem was solved before Waymeway:

You make numerous but not guaranteed calls to acquaintances. You are viewing ads on the Internet. We are forced to thoroughly check all available information and every person found – there is no way to verify the reliability of the data. There are a lot of fake reviews on the Internet, this is the place of work of thousands of scammers. You spend dozens of hours searching for the “right” person, perhaps even lose money by bumping into a self-taught person or a cheater.

How Waymeway will solve the problem for you:

You enter the search service. Configure the search filter using the built-in categories of professions. The search for the right person takes no more than a few minutes. Ratings and reviews in Waymeway cannot be faked. It doesn't matter what your task is – our service is designed for the widest user, we have professionals registered in dozens of different fields.

The search works through contacts – yours and your friends. Suppose you have 400 acquaintances, they also have 400, and they have 400 more, and 50% of them know each other, and 5% have our application installed.

It turns out 400 * 400 * 400 * 0,5 * 0,05 = 1 600 000 a person – and a very high chance of finding the perfect specialist for your task!

Are you a simple user who is annoyed by SPAM calls

Situation: you are looking for a reliable way to protect your personal data, money and nerves from spammers. At best, it can be a cold call, at worst – intruders.

How the problem was solved before Waymeway:

Adding numbers to the blacklist manually. Total blocking of all numbers, outside the book – and at the same time couriers, delivery services or the real security service of the bank.

How Waymeway will solve the problem for you:

You use the built-in ANTIspam in the Way me way app, with an up-to-date database of numbers and flexible settings. And you forget about unwanted calls.

Scammers can use a new number that is not in the database yet – then you can add it to the “application blacklist” and help yourself and other users with this. What to do with such calls is up to you: include them in the call list, just hang up or “silent” mode.

You need clients

Situation: you are self-employed, an individual entrepreneur or a specialist. You need clients.

How the problem was solved before WayMeWay:

You have advertised in newspapers, an online service for placing ads, posted videos on video hosting, social networks. We spent time and money. Studied Internet marketing.

How WayMeWay will help you solve the problem:

You fill out a profile in the Waymeway application, indicate your expertise. By specifying social networks and video hosting, you will get additional viewers.

Suppose you have 100 contacts of your friends or clients in your phone. Each of them has 400 contacts, and they also have 400 contacts. 25% of them know each other (75% are unique) and 5% have our app installed.

"Don't have a hundred rubles, but have a hundred friends" acquires a real intangible asset.

It turns out 100*400*400*0,25*0,05 = 600000 a man.

And one contact brings you 1*400*400*0,75*0,05 = 6000 potential customers.

Your reputation will work for you.

Bonus: recommendation to use our offer to your customers and raising by 1 percent increases coverage by 120,000 people.

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